About Us

BYRON BE is a small business in Byron Bay NSW. Our vision is to bring Byron Bay positive and healing energy to as many people as possible. It was founded by Karen, a mindfulness author, meditation teacher and energy healer in Byron Bay for twenty years.

BYRON BE creates chakra perfume sprays, room sprays and body oils. Each bottle is handmade with care and intention and is specifically activated and charged with potent crystals and Reiki energy. Each one is programmed to assist our body with healing when needed, to calm our minds and emotions, and to raise the vibrations of our homes and offices.

We are a small team aiming to create beautiful quality products while caring for our environment.

We use high quality pure essential oils, organic when possible.

Our crystals, white sage, palo santo and oils are sustainably and ethically sourced.

We send your purchase in sustainable packagings, even the label is compostable. We avoid using plastic. When we do use plastic it's plastic that we have received ourselves that we prefer to re-use instead of throwing away. Our compostable products are Australian Certified AS5810/AS4736 which means they have been tested and approved by the Australasian Bioplastics Association, the governing body for verifying Compostable products in Australia

Our love for our planet, our land and our community is deep and sacred. We are not perfect but we try to do our best to care and protect it.

Thank you for supporting a small business and our beautiful planet.